Wholesale FAQs

What is a hair extensions wholesale program?

A hair extensions wholesale program is a business opportunity that allows individuals or businesses to purchase hair extensions directly from ur at a discounted price in bulk quantities. These hair extensions can then be resold!

Why should I consider joining Chanel Collections wholesale program?

Joining our hair extensions wholesale program offers several benefits. It allows you to access a wide range of high-quality hair extensions at lower prices, giving you a competitive edge in the market. It also provides an opportunity to establish your own brand, expand your product offerings, and increase your profit margins.

How can I find a hair extensions wholesale program?

There are several ways to find a hair extensions wholesale program. Chanel Collections provides quality hair extensions and there’s no need to shop with other suppliers. We have already done the work for you! Or you can purchase I’ll vendors list which provides you with current and pass suppliers we’ve used!

What types of hair extensions can I purchase through your wholesale program?

Through our wholesale program, you can purchase various types of hair extensions, including hair extensions, frontals, and closures. Reach out to us via email: hair@chanelcollections.com for custom wig packages.

What are the benefits of buying hair extensions through your wholesale program?

Buying hair extensions through our wholesale program offers several advantages. You can enjoy lower prices per unit, access to a wide range of styles and lengths, the ability to customize orders, and the potential for higher profit margins. It also allows you to establish a direct relationship with us!

Is there a minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases?

There are no minimum order quantities. If you have any questions inquire at hair@chanelcollections.com before purchasing.

Can I request customizations for wholesale orders?

No! Our packages are already customized and ready for purchase. You do have the option to customize the texture for your order!

How do I place a wholesale order?

The site is already customized for you to choose a desired package and place your order. Once the order details are finalized, you will be required to make a payment and will be provided shipping information. ID WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL WHOLESALERS ORDERS TO PREVENT FRAUD! ID MUST MATCH THE NAME YOU PLACED THE ORDER WITH FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES. THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED THIS IS TO PREVENT FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES. ALL WHOLESALE ORDERS ARE FINAL!

What are the shipping options for wholesale orders?

Shipping within the US may take approximately 5-7 business days. Shipping fees as well as taxes will be added at the end of your checkout. Tracking numbers will be sent to the email provided with purchase. Processing on orders takes 2-3 business days.

Chanel Collections is not responsible for ANY lost items. If you check your tracking number and the package says delivered, but you have not received it. You will have to take this up with the United States Postal Service.

If your package is returned due to incorrect address you will be responsible for paying shipping fees again!