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Our 3D Mink Eyelashes are cluster-style lashes for a more dramatic look, vivid, shiny and can cause you to stand out.  They're going to make your eye pop, but due to the gentle nature of the mink hairs, you'll still have a natural look.

Care Instructions

1.) Remove before sleeping.

2.) After use, any excess glue should be carefully removed using a twizzers or fingers.

3.) Keep your Minks beautiful by keeping mascara away from them.

4.) Always store Minks in the original lash tray, to keep their shape and protect them for re-use.

Application Instructions

1.) Carefully remove the lash from the eyelash tray, no need to trim eyelashes are already trimmed off. (Using a twizzers to hold one end of the eyelash band and gently peel it from the tray.)

2.) Apply a thin line of adhesive to the band and wait 30-60 seconds, or until glue becomes tacky.

3.) Apply to eyelid as close to natural lash line as possible.

4.) Hold down for a few seconds and allow to dry.

5.) Let your inner/outer beauty shine!